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LJ Care Homes, Billinghay
Billinghay care home, york house
LJ Care Homes Ltd is here to assist you with respite, long or short term solutions, providing excellent and professionally trained staff for care.

Welcome to York House


The following guidelines have been compiled to inform and assist you, to settle into your new home. We hope you will find these acceptable and helpful. If you have any suggestions for ways in which things could be improved, please do not hesitate to inform the manager. The acceptance of a person to stay in a Residential home, involves a special relationship of intimate care between the staff and yourself. You are assured that we will do our utmost to care for you in all circumstances. I hope the following will help with any anxieties that you may have.  

  • All medications, including creams, dressings should be shown to the admitting carer on arrival at the home. Relatives are asked not to bring in medication without consulting the person in charge of the home


  • Arrangements can be made for those people who wish to administer their own medication. Residents are asked to discuss smoking and alcoholic drink requirements with the manager.


  • You may be registered with a General Practitioner of your choice, however if you do not wish to do so, the manager will ensure you are registered with a local General Practitioner who knows the home. Residents treated under the National Health Service will receive medical attention and medications as available to members of society.


  • There are no restrictions to visiting times, relatives / friends are encouraged to visit at any mutual suitable time, and as often as possible. We welcome children to visit, on the understanding that they are accompanied by an adult, and that they do not disrupt our clients in the home ,any unacceptable behavior will not be tolerated and may lead to the child being asked to leave the home. We would like to take this opportunity to remind visitors that this is the residents home, and their privacy must be respected at all times. We are happy to provide beverages for visitors on the understanding that residents needs take priority. Pets may visit as long as they are kept under control.


  • Residents are encouraged to retain their links with their community, for example by visiting local organisations or pubs. An escort / companion can be provided by prior arrangements for special occasions. If you go out, all we ask is that you keep us informed of your approximate time of departure and return.


  • Small items of furniture may be brought into the home by prior arrangement with the manager. Ornaments, pictures and other decorative items are encouraged, as they assist you to personalise your room. An inventory is kept of all items brought into the home. This includes all clothes, linen, ornaments, jewellery etc. The inventory should be maintained and updated by family and friends and checked by staff when new items are brought in, or if an item is removed from the home.


  • If property of great value is retained it must be covered by the residents own insurance. Every care is taken to protect valuables, but residents and family, are asked not to keep excessive sums of money, or valuable items in their room.


  • All laundry is cleaned on site. Every care is taken to ensure clothes are returned in good condition, however if you have clothes which require specialist or delicate handling, it may be advisable to arrange for a relative to wash them. If staff are aware of items which need particularly careful handling, and they are damaged in the cleaning process in the home’s laundry, you will be reimbursed. If you have items of clothing which require specialist cleaning we advise you to ask a friend or relative to make appropriate arrangements. Please name all clothes prior to admission, or ask a member of staff to do so before laundering.


  • Breakfast is served in the dining room at 0800hours, or in your room as requested. Lunch is served in the dining room at 12pm. Alternatively you may eat your lunch in the privacy of your own room. Supper is served at 5pm. Tea, coffee and other refreshments are available on request, and are served mid-morning and mid-afternoon. The daily menu is displayed in the Foyer, Dining room and kitchen, or is available on request.


  • Occasionally you may be asked questions about the standard of care you receive. This enables us to maintain and improve the quality of care we offer. You are under no obligation to answer questions or to contribute to any discussions held.


  • The Fire Alarms are tested weekly, and periodically a fire drill will take place.


  • You will be offered to discuss all aspects of your care, and no procedure will be undertaken without your consent. An assessment of the care you require will be performed within 24 hours of admission, which is continually updated according to your needs. You may have a relative or friend present when your care plan is updated.


  • All of our staff receives regular training, to ensure they keep up to date with methods of care.


  • This includes Moving & Handling, where they are taught the correct way to move people. All residents are assessed on admission, and at regular periods with regards to assistance and movement, so that the home may comply with Health & Safety Regulations. However no device will be used without a full explanation being given to you.


  • Ministers from various denominations visit the home regularly, or by request. However your own minister is welcome to visit anytime.


  • Relative / Resident meetings are held within the home. This gives people an opportunity to have a say in the running of the home and the organisation of events.


  • Any residents or their Advocate, wishing to have access to their Health Records, must make an application in writing to the designated record holder; the manager will give you the relevant information.


  • Fees are invoiced every 4 weeks these are paid either by cheque or standing order. Extra costs incurred become due at the end of each month or, in the case of short-term admissions, upon discharge, the fees cover care, attention and all the services described in the brochure with exception of dry cleaning, chiropody hairdressing and specialist newspapers. Services within the home I.E. Hairdressing, Chiropody will be invoiced monthly


  • Fees will be reviewed from time to time as determined by the Director. Any increase in fees will be as a result of inflation or for the provision of additional services, or as the result of statutory provisions coming into force after the date of this agreement.


  • Notice of vacation. 4 weeks is required if a resident wishes to vacate their accommodation. 4 weeks notice will also be given by the Director should a resident be asked to leave. Should a resident leave the home without giving the required notice, payment of fees in lieu of notice at the normal weekly rate will be required


  • If for any reason you are not satisfied with any aspects of the care or service you receive, in the first instance you should raise the matter with the manager.


  • Should you not be able to resolve the matter then contact:-






      NE1 4PA



The arrangements for resident’s privacy and dignity are respected at all times and with particular regard to:


  • Personal care, including nursing, bathing, washing and using the toileting facilities


  • Maintaining social contact with relatives and friends


  • Staff always knock before entering bedrooms, toilets and bathrooms


  • All staff use the term of address preferred by the resident


  • All staff are instructed during induction on how to treat residents with respect at all times


  • Shared rooms screening is provided to ensure that their privacy is not compromised when
    personal care is being given or at any other time


  • Residents have access to a telephone for use in private.

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